Our Services

LGM Consults is involved in all aspects of Film Production and Distribution. We are experienced in Pre-Production, Post-Production and all Distribution requirements of Independent Motion Pictures. In addition, we work with investors in their evaluation of motion picture, television and media related projects by reviewing scripts, subject matter, genre, budget level, cast, director, production team and due diligence documentation.

In Pre-Production we have experience in negotiating Distribution Agreements, Talent Negotiations, Musical Rights Clearances, Publishing Clearances, Recording Contracts, and many relationships within the industry for preparing and producing a motion picture. Some of the individual production companies we have worked with are: Film Production Bonding, Production Insurance, Legal Representatives, Talent Agents, Crew Talent Agents, Marketing Proformas and Budgeting of Production Costs.

In Post-Production we have relationships with Editing Facilities, Audio Production, EFX Facilities, Foley Stages, Sound Effects, ADR Studios and Recording Studios. We have relationships with Film Laboratories, Film Storage Facilities and all qualified personal for a successful completion of finished Product.

In our Distribution Relationships we have negotiated for Licensed Digital Rights & DVD Licenses, Theatrical Distribution, Presentation & Marketing, Graphic Artists, Recording and Publishing Houses, Foreign Sales Companies, Film Market Representation and Theatrical Distributors Worldwide.

As a service to Investors LGM Consults is available as a consultant for Due Diligence for clearances and contracts in all aspects for any Independent Motion Picture, Television or Media related project. Depending on the work required we can clear and verify all Budgets, Proformas, Contracts, Agreements, SAG contracts, DGA agreements, Insurance and Licenses for the Motion Picture in question. Furthermore, we can review scripts, genre, cast, budget level and the production team.